Thursday, August 30, 2012

Episode 2: Premium Rush and Bonus

Here is the second episode of Pop Culture Whores, proving once again that I dissuaded from bad ideas. It's me and Liz's review of Premium Rush (Todd couldn't be with us this week).

Episode 2: Premium Rush

In addition, we also recorded a little ditty (read: 52 minutes of bitching) about the internet's favorite punching bag, Twilight. I was intending to release it as it's own episode, but then I thought: Man, Twilight has been done to death. So why not just do it and release it as a bonus episode. That way we're not wasting anyone's time. Also, Todd calls in by phone and some of what he said is hard to hear. But what do you want, it's a bonus episode.

Bonus Episode: Twilight

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